Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Drug and dietary supplement maker ordered to Cease Operations.

Unlawfully manufacturing and distributing unapproved new drugs, misbranded drugs, adulterated dietary supplements and misbranded dietary supplements has resulted in Louisiana based Pick and Pay Inc./Cili Minerals being Shut Down!

Owner/CEO, Anton S. Botha, has allowed his company to market their products with health claims stating these products can treat medical conditions such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis, autism, bipolar disorder, brain injury and epilepsy.

Now, why the heck, hasn't Plexus Worldwide been shut down for doing the same?

FDA letter regarding Cili Minerals found here:

Monday, January 9, 2017

Truth in Advertising

Truth in Advertising

or is it?

Random complaints taken from various sources, citing to be from the FTC. 
Truth in Advertising or Not?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017



Former Monavie CEO, Dallin A, Larsen is at it again!
After parting ways with MonaVie, which included his brother, Randy Larsen and MonaVie co-founder Henry Marsh, Larsen has team up with his wife, Karree Larsen, and two other successful business men, Dan Zhu and Daniel Picou.

Dallin is no stranger to these Dan's!

Dan Zhu was serving as President of Greater China for MonaVie. His main role was market expansion to countries such as  Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea.
MonaVie is no longer in business. 

Dan Picou is an alleged successful entrepreneur that is said to have built successful companies that were aquired, but we can't find proof of those said companies as of yet.

VASAYO Reviews - More of that purple juice or not?

Friday, December 16, 2016

Most People Lost Money

Vemma distributors called “affiliates,” will be prohibited under a federal court order from paying an affiliate unless a majority of that affiliate’s revenue comes from sales to real customers rather than other distributors. The order also bars Vemma from making deceptive income claims and unsubstantiated health claims.

Read all about it here:

Sunday, August 21, 2016

WEN Hair Products by Chaz Dean


The FDA is investigating adverse reports from over 127 consumers about WEN hair products.
Consumers claim "hair loss, hair breakage, balding, itching, and rash..."

In this report, the FDA publicly announces that this is "the largest number of reports ever associated with any cosmetic hair cleansing product, including cleansing conditioners"

As a result of consumers reporting their adverse health effects from Chaz Dean products to the FDA, an inspection made of the manufacturing and distribution facility has uncovered  more than 21,000 complaints reported directly to WEN company, Chaz Dean and
Gutly Renker, LLC.

Here is the FDA statement:

What does WEN hair products have to do with any MLM company?

Reporting your health concerns directly to companies does not ensure that appropriate action will be taken. In this case, direct reports from over 21,000 didn't stop Guthy Renker and Chaz Dean from marketing and distributing a product with misleading claims and one that they knew would harm the health of consumers.

Do you think actress Alyssa Milano or Angie Harmon really used these products?

Good News! There is a class action lawsuit. You can join Tina Bak and others that have lost their hair.

I found a link for you here: http://cdfirm.com/contact/wen-lawsuit-questionnaire


Here is the orginal court file;


Thursday, August 18, 2016

60 day guarantee

60 day guarantee

According to information in BBB files, Plexus Worldwide has complaints involving billing or collection, advertising, sales, refund/exchange, guarantee or warranty issues.

BBB reviewed the company’s website http://www.plexusworldwide.com/ under “60 Day guarantee” and found the time period for the money back guarantee differs between how the business categorizes consumers.

Consumers are put in four categories: Ambassadors, Retail Customers, Preferred Customers, and Ambassadors Customers. According to the company, the consumer’s category determines the time period for the money back guarantee.

Complainants allege confusion over the different categories and what the terms of their guarantee actually are.

Additionally, consumers allege difficulty with the business’ auto ship program.

Consumers explain they may have continuous charges billed to them because the company never turns the auto ship off.

When the complainant is able to contact the company about obtaining a refund and/or returning the product, the business may deny their request.

At this time, Plexus Worldwide Inc. is responding and resolving BBB complaints.

What Plexus Worldwide claims on their website:

"Try our products at no risk. If you are a customer, and are not satisfied with our product, just contact Customer Care at 1-480-998-3490 within 60 days of purchase for a full product refund (shipping and handling excluded). We will issue a prompt refund. No hassles, no questions."

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Herbalife fined $200 million

Herbalife was fined $200 million in July for deceptive business practices.

Fidelity Investments cut its stake in Herbalife MLM by 26 percent.