Wednesday, January 4, 2017



Former Monavie CEO, Dallin A, Larsen is at it again!
After parting ways with MonaVie, which included his brother, Randy Larsen and MonaVie co-founder Henry Marsh, Larsen has team up with his wife, Karree Larsen, and two other successful business men, Dan Zhu and Daniel Picou.

Dallin is no stranger to these Dan's!

Dan Zhu was serving as President of Greater China for MonaVie. His main role was market expansion to countries such as  Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Korea.
MonaVie is no longer in business. 

Dan Picou is an alleged successful entrepreneur that is said to have built successful companies that were aquired, but we can't find proof of those said companies as of yet.

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  1. I'm at the conference in Orlando now. Scripture cherry picking, emotional manipulation and brainwashing at its best (or worst, because it's disgusting).